During a warm ceremony held in August, which was attended by Luis Ernesto Rodríguez, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the National University of Colombia (UNAL), 22 students were certified in geospatial tools and technologies to enhance their skills in data collection, management, and the development of geospatial cartographic products. This ceremony concluded the Program being delivered by SERVIR-Amazonia since April 2023, aimed at the promotion and creation of services to help understand and monitor four key thematic areas in the Amazon: 1) Land Cover, Land Use Change, and Ecosystems; 2) Drought and Fire Risk; 3) Water and Water Related Disasters, and 4) Weather and Climate.

Professor Luis Joel Martinez, Dean Luis Ernesto Rodríguez, and José Leandro Fernandes, User Engagement Leader at SERVIR-Amazonia attended this warm closing ceremony. Photo: UNAL.

The 22 participants from major Colombian institutions were the main players in this training Program. Such institutions included: the Institute for Hydrology, Meteorology, and Environmental Studies (IDEAM), the Amazon Scientific Research Institute (SINCHI), the National Natural Parks System (PNN), the Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute (IGAC), the Rural Agricultural Planning Unit, Gaia Amazonas, WWF Colombia, the Amazon Conservation Team, Amazon Forest Barrier-Ecoinversión Forestal, and the National Environmental Licensing Authority, in addition to some universities.

22 participants from major Colombian institutions were the main players in this training Program from April until July 2023. Photo: UNAL.

The User Engagement Leader at SERVIR-Amazonia, José Leandro Fernandes, joined Dean Rodríguez and UNAL Agricultural Sciences Faculty Professor Luis Joel Martínez in presenting the certificates. The significance of the joint efforts between the SERVIR-Amazonia Program and UNAL were highlighted, as well as their role in addressing this kind of initiative, which provides an opportunity to update geospatial technology knowledge in support of informed decision-making in the Amazon.

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