Connecting Space to Village:
Geospatial information for improved environmental decision-making in the Amazon

SERVIR-Amazonia is the newest hub within the SERVIR initiative. Funded by USAID and with science and technology support from NASA, SERVIR-Amazonia is implemented by the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) and a network of local and international partners serving the Amazon region, mainly the Spatial Informatics Group (SIG), Conservación Amazónica (ACCA), the Institute for Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification (IMAFLORA) and Fundación EcoCiencia. Learn more



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Meet our Team

The people of SERVIR-Amazonia aim to improve local capacity to harness satellite data and geospatial information and foster sustainable natural resource management throughout the Amazon.


Service Areas

SERVIR-Amazonia works in four service areas empowering actors across the region to track and understand environmental changes in near real-time, evaluate climatic threats, and rapidly respond to natural disasters.


Drought and Fire Risk


Water & Water Related Disasters


Weather and Climate


Land Cover, Land Use Change & Ecosystems

What is SERVIR-Amazonia?

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Improving hydrological forecasting capacities is how #SERVIRAmazonia contributes to #WaterAction. On this #WorldWaterDay, we highlight the GeoGlows portals developed with @BYU and our stakeholders to achieve that 💧➡️ @SERVIRGlobal @BiovIntCIAT_eng #AREP

#DIADELOSBOSQUES #SERVIRAmazonia presenta app de pronósticos de incendios en la #Amazonía colombiana desarrollada con @sig_gis
y @UArkansas Facilitará toma de decisiones para prevención de desastres. Info: #AREP

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