The Amazon Basin, one of the planet’s most precious environmental reserves, is under threat from adverse human activities and a changing climate. The resulting forest loss, increasingly contaminated water, and exposure of local communities to unprecedented fires and floods have diminished the ecosystem service capacity of this globally essential ecosystem. Interested researchers, their faculties and universities, members of academia are invited to join the Academic Partner Network (APN) and fast track solutions to this threat.

SERVIR-Amazonia’s Consortium partner University of Arkansas (United States) is leading the implementation of the network, which is an ongoing effort to connect Amazonian Universities among themselves as well as with their counterparts in the United States. Academic partners are joining SERVIR-Amazonia based on their capacity and interest to contribute to the Program, having either a need for capacity development or the ability to contribute specific approaches, and having a clear commitment to increasing their use of geospatial products and services for improved decision-making in the Amazon.

The main objectives of the APN are:

  • Support the co-development of geospatial services under the Program
  • Improve geospatial education through curriculum development
  • Develop a regional pipeline of geospatial experts and events
  • Contribute for the development of an applied geospatial research network for long-term sustainability of the Amazonia

An APN member would count on benefits such as access to NASA and SERVIR-Amazonia network of researchers as well as opportunities to: (i) collaborate in research; (ii) participate in technical trainings/workshops; (iii) tailor graduate studies (MSc and PhD) and connect with graduate schools within the network; (iv) increased access to online material such as literature, webinars, tutorial, etc.

An APN member is expected to promote the Program activities within its institution to gather interest and possibly recruit students and researchers to contribute to the collective effort. As the Program evolves, APN members might be invited to collaborate in the co-development of services in the Program thematic areas of Ecosystem Management, Drought and Fire Risk, Water Resources Management and Hydro-climatic Disasters and Weather and Climate.

Visit the APN web page in English, Spanish, Portuguese

Become a member of the APN

Please let us know of your interest in becoming a member of the SERVIR-Amazonia APN by replying to this short survey, sharing your specific areas of interest and your comments and suggestions. You can also use this survey to make any questions you may have for us.



Kátia Fernandes
Assistant Professor of Geosciences
University of Arkansas