To date, the SERVIR-Amazonia hub has been developing 11 geospatial services collaborating with more than 30 partner organizations across the Amazonia region. Among those, 23 are formal partners and constitute the SERVIR-Amazonia Consortium, and 20 are based within the six focus countries (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname).

The vision of NASA and USAID, donors and partners of SERVIR-Amazonia, is to bring “Space to Village”. In a recent NASA blog, the Agency describes how locally-led development drives climate action at the SERVIR-Amazonia Hub    

The article features five examples 

  1. RAMI (Radar Mining Monitoring Tool)
  2. TerraOnTrack (Increase the Protection of Forests Managed by Community-Based Initiatives in the Brazilian Amazon), 
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation of Mangroves in Guyana
  4. Ecosystem Services Modeling in The Amazon’s Forest-Agricultural Interface
  5. Quantifying the Effects of Forest Changes on Provisioning and Regulating Ecosystem Services – 

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