A group of 23 women from Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru, attended the training “Advancing Women’s Prosperity in the Workplace.”  This course was conducted by Arizona State University and the SERVIR-Amazonia Program with funding from SERVIR Global.

These participants work in partner organizations of SERVIR-Amazonia and use geographic information systems, and remote sensing to improve environmental decision-making. But with few women in this field, they face challenges. 

During a week of lectures, labs, and knowledge exchange they improved hard and soft skills in GIS, teamwork and leadership.

“I believe that all the participants returned empowered and appreciated the importance of the geospatial tools that were discussed and that will improve our capacity to do research on environmental sciences, and climate change. We are thankful for the gender perspective and the ideas that we received for the improvement of our workplaces”, said Milagros Becerra, Research Assistant, SIG specialist (ACCA)

Read the summaries of Arizona State University, in English, and Amazon Conservation (ACCA), in Spanish