We are launching today the SERVIR-Amazonia website in social media with a series of short video clips. Listen to some of our most distinguished supporters from NASA, as well as team members and partners talk about key aspects of this Program, and inviting you to learn more on this Website. 

Protecting our national resources and improve livelihoods using Earth observation data: Dan Irwin, SERVIR Global Program Manager at the NASA Science Coordination Office.

La orientación hacía el usuario: Africa Flores, coordinadora regional de ciencia de la oficina de coordinación científica de NASA.

Submit a Request for Technical Assistance at the SERVIR-Amazonia website: Invitation by Glenn Hyman, data and Science lead at SIG.

Estratégia para envolver os usuários dos serviços: José Fernandes, lead de engajamento do usuário

NASA provides scientific support through Subject Matter Experts and Applied Science Teams: Kelsey Herndon, Regional Science Associate for SERVIR-Amazonia.

Creando redes de socios para compartir datos abiertos: Sidney Novoa, Director SIG de ACCA

Services based on Earth Observation data empower actors to track and understand environmental changes in near real-time, evaluate climatic threats, and rapidly respond to natural disasters: Lisandro Inakake de Souza, technical lead of IMAFLORA 

We look forward discussing with you the potential of Geospatial information for environmental decision-making: Simone Staiger-Rivas from CIAT, coordinator communications, monitoring-evaluation-learning.