A representative group of the SERVIR-Amazonia team participated in its first SERVIR Annual Global Exchange (SAGE) in Cambodia during February 3-7, 2020. The SAGE events unite all SERVIR Hubs (South East Africa, West Africa, Himalaya, Mekong, Amazonia) for a week of team building, knowledge sharing and establishment of collaborations across the regional Hubs to reach the ultimate goal of finding the best ways to use satellite data and remote sensing imagery to help countries tackle some of their most challenging environmental issues.

Carlos Gasco, SERVIR-Amazonia Program Director reflects on the week: “This event was an unbelievable opportunity for networking, understanding and learning from the other Hubs and for identifying opportunities for collaboration, especially between specific services. It was equally crucial to start integrating the Applied Science Teams.”

Here is how some of the team members appreciated the event which also celebrated the 15 years of the SERVIR Global Program:

  • It was wonderful to meet and integrate the Amazonia team (Jim Nelson, AST)
  • We leveraged the power of the SERVIR Global network (Africa Flores, NASA, Science Coordination Office) 
  • You brought in great perspectives on MEL and social inclusion (Nancy Searby, Capacity Building Program Manager NASA HQ Point of Contact for SERVIR)
  • We had good discussions on how policy gets influenced by peer reviewed science, and why we need to publish in addition to co-develop services (Lou Verchot, Senior scientists, CIAT)
  • We saw an incredible amount of great ideas; services are start-ups (Jean-Pierre Wack, SIG) 
  • The networking opportunities were great, it gave me ideas for user engagement (José Fernandes, CIAT)
  • SAGE is a fabulous cross-pollination process whereby we leverage what everyone else is doing; saw how much growth there was;  (Karis Tenneson, SIG)


The SAGE events unite all SERVIR Hubs (South East Africa, West Africa, Himalaya, Mekong, Amazonia) and representatives from NASA, and USAID


More than 120 members of the global SERVIR community gathered in Siem Reap, Cambodia for a week of team building, knowledge sharing and establishments of collaborations across regional Hubs.


On day 1 of the event the team had the opportunity to introduce SERVIR-Amazonia covering all aspects of the Program with 2-minute flash talks.


Leaders of the Applied Science Teams (ASTs) started discussing how their research fits within the service co-developments of the Hubs. Here, Jim Nelson, one of the four AST leads of SERVIR-Amazonia from the BYU’s Hydroinformatics Lab talks about his vision for success.


The SERVIR-Amazonia team had several opportunities at side-meetings to discuss the Program, including valuable feedback opportunities with NASA and USAID leadership, here from Nancy Searby (Capacity Building Program Manager NASA HQ Point of Contact for SERVIR)


Lou Verchot from the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT presented SERVIR-Amazonia’s sustainability model for geospatial services.


Tom Moore and Marina Irigoyen participated in a panel on social inclusion and discussed how to best involve indigenous communities in service co-development and ensure that women benefit from the services.


Simone Staiger-Rivas contributed to a communications plenary with insights on best practices featuring the blog. She won the Award of Excellence for her work on communications, MEL and knowledge management.


Integration also happened during an unforgettable afternoon visit to Angkor Wat.