“NASA has accomplished some pretty incredible things since it was founded in 1958. From landing on the moon, exploring the outer reaches of our galaxy, and imaging planets far, far, away… For many, the associations stop here, but for Dan Irwin – the co-founder and director of NASA SERVIR – the agency has obligations much closer to home. SERVIR is a joint NASA-USAID regional environmental monitoring program with its operations center in Huntsville, Alabama. SERVIR uses Earth-observing satellites to identify impacts from natural disasters and environmental conditions such as flooding, deforestation, wildfires, drought and other long-term hazards. This information is shared in real time with governments and stakeholders throughout affected regions, enabling them to prepare for and limit the impact of disasters in the making or provide data to rapidly and efficiently respond. SERVIR strengthens the ability of governments and organizations worldwide to use Earth observing and geospatial technologies to respond to natural disasters, manage water and improve food security, safeguard human health and protect and nurture natural resources.” See more

This talk was given at a TEDxVoyagerWay event in Huntsville Alabama.