Y3 of the Program represented a significant advance in the accomplishment of our overall Program goals as we continued implementing a strategy that combines service co-development activities and focalized engagement with regional stakeholders. The online capacity building activities, as well as the integration of social inclusion considerations into our services contributed positively to the sustainability of the co-development and empowerment process of the SERVIR-Amazonia Program.

We wish to thank USAID and NASA, as well as the Applied Science Teams and the Subject Matter Experts who have been with us during this past year for their continuous support and confidence in our work. Special mention should be made of our partners, who provide us with the necessary local support, knowledge brokering and trust building for a successful Program implementation.


Looking forward

As we deliver services, our regional partners and stakeholders will be increasing their roles in the Program and the work with the Applied Science Teams will be well articulated with those partners. We will increase our efforts for service sustainability through strategic follow-up activities after their delivery and by communicating more directly with decision-makers. Finally, we will continue to focus our social inclusion work on the most suitable services in close collaboration with our partners, NASA and USAID.