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SERVIR-Amazonia seeks to understand better how women and indigenous populations have/are being integrated into development and science projects, policies and activities in the region. The purpose is to strengthen its vision and gain a better understanding of the possible impacts or consequences of its projected interventions (services) under the Program, which may differ between women and men. In this regard, the study seeks to make the differences between men and women visible, if any, to neutralize possible negative impacts and enhance the benefits of the services for the most vulnerable people, particularly women and indigenous peoples.

This consultancy is intended to provide an updated study on the state of gender relations and the situation of women in the Amazonia Basin, and would be an input for the national Communities of Practice meetings that SERVIR-Amazonia is promoting in six countries during the second half of the year 2020.

This study is based in a literature review and interviews at the regional level, including six Amazon Basin countries (Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana and Suriname). It will not include field work beyond knowledgeable informant interviews. Representatives of the SERVIR-Amazonia partners in the different countries should be included among the interviewees. Literature to be reviewed may/should include program descriptions, project reports and evaluations, web pages, policies, strategies, international scientific literature related to the Amazon and the Program service areas, from government institutions, NGOs, donors, etc.

The selected Consultant team will be composed of two professionals, a Principal Researcher and a Research Assistant, which should meet the following requirements:

  • The Principal Researcher should lead the study and the work of the Research Assistant. He/she will be the main responsible of carrying out the study in a successful and timely manner.
  • The Principal Researcher must have a professional degree (Magister or PhD) or diploma in some specialty of the social sciences, including advanced studies in gender or indigenous peoples issues.
  • The Research Assistant must have a professional degree or diploma in some specialty of the social sciences, including gender issues and/or indigenous people’s studies or experience.
  • Both professionals must have knowledge and professional experience in relation to gender and/or indigenous people’s considerations in the Amazonia, environmental issues.
  • Both professionals must have good command of at least two of the three following languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Language: The study and reports may be written in English or Spanish.

Responsibilities: The development of the study will be supervised by the Gender Advisor and the Indigenous People’s Advisor of the SERVIR- Amazonia Program.


  • April 29: Announcement of the Request
  • May 4: Deadline for submission of questions (to be addressed to
  • May 7: Responses to questions (See responses)
  • May 11: Deadline for applications, including CVs, technical and cost proposal
  • May 18: to May 21. Interviews of pre-selected candidates.
  • May 22: Announcement of awardees.
  • May 29: Consultancy start-up
  • June 3: Submission of draft work plan
  • July 2: Submission of first draft of the literature review and interviews conducted
  • July 30: Submission of final report


Applications should be submitted to no later than May 11 and should include the following information:

  • Updated Curriculum vitae of both professionals, as a team
  • Short Technical proposal showing proposed outline of the study
  • Cost proposal including estimated number of workdays for each professional