Tânia Pires, Vitor George, and Necoline Hubner are the new NASA-funded Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who will devote two months of their time over a six-month period, to help SERVIR-Amazonia address key issues important for service development.


Tânia is a digital product designer, Vitor a full stack software engineer, and Necoline a front-end engineer. All three work at Development Seed, an engineering company that is accelerating the application of earth data. They will support SERVIR-Amazonia with user interface design to make geospatial solutions more user friendly. The main services that the SMEs will improve are Gold Mining Monitoring in the Peruvian Amazon as well as the Amazon Dashboard, with additional input and recommendations for the hub’s other fire monitoring and gold mining tools. They will also build capacity in the hub to streamline the design, creation, and maintenance of apps for future services.